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Boek der spietsen

door: Vlad Tepes

9 January 1985
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"I couldn't tell if the bells are getting louder,
Songs they ring I finally recognize,
I only know Hell is getting hotter,
Devil's getting smarter all the time,
And it would be nice to walk upon the water,
To talk again to angels on my side."
Alice Cooper ~ Second Coming

"It's not the truth, until we start believing!"
Diorama ~ kiss of knowledge

"Beauty comes from the inside, and so does ugliness!"
Sopor Aeternus ~ va(r)nits, vanitas... (...omnisa vanitas)

"Yes, our bodies are sleeping so closely together, but it's only in our minds that we touch (at last)"
Sopor Aeternus ~ on satur(n) day's we used to sleep

"It's obvious you hate me, though I've done nothing wrong."
Depeche Mode ~ people are people

"Somewhere on the wrong place, on the wrong time.
The wrong person will make it all right"
Puissance ~ speak my voice

"The oldest and strongest kind of emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear
is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft

"Time is like a bullit from behind.
I run for cover, just like you"
Covenant ~ bullit

"Can't you see, wherever we go,
another witch, another hero,
with promises so bold and hollow,
we dare not doubt, just blindly follow"
Rotersand ~ content killer

"Would you care for colour, if you where blind?
Would you listen to my words if you could only see my lips move?"
Diary Of Dreams ~ colourblind

"Try to be true. Because with each lie, you murder some part of the world... as you murder some part of yourself."
Anna-Varney Cantodea